Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jimmy and Jamie should learn about Personal Responsability

On a Friday night I quite enjoy watching Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast. Basically they have a Café at the end of Southend Pier and invite celebrities along to learn how to cook. During the programme they go to different parts of the Country to investigate Food problems.

This week they went a School to discuss how children are not being fed properly during School Holidays. You may have guessed it is not the fault of the parents but the fault of Government for not feeding children through the School Holiday.

So Jimmy speaks to this women with 8 kids stating she has to find £200 a week for food? Did Jimmy ask where she got the money NO, did he ask what she was feeding them on NO. Next was an overweight single mum and her overweight child who went on to say she does not have enough money to feed her child in the Holiday. Both did not look like they were starving and she has a job as well as benefits. The best was another overweight women with her overweight child who complained she was always short of money yet she was covered in Tattoos and piercings. I am told this not a cheap hobby.

According to the programme these kids have to go to school to have a breakfast and midday meal. Midday meal I can understand I am 66 and when I was at school we had nutritious meals it cost my Mum 5 shilling a week (25p) So why breakfast are these parents to lazy to give them a bowl of cereals or some toast or have they spent all there money on non essentials

What annoys me like Food Banks these celebs take everything at face value none of them ask what these peoples income is and how they spend there money. Maybe if they said lets get someone to look how you can budget your lifestyle that would be far better then giving away food

I will admit I did like the idea of Kitchens being open during the School Holidays I also believe Schools should be utilised more for the benefit of the Community. Another innovation was the use of food that has reached its sell by date which Supermarkets bin. This can be used for cheap meals; instead of dumping these foods they should sell it a very cheap price to organisations that want to produce cheap meals. Yes I did say sell, as the sale would keep the shop prices down. So keep the kitchens open but open to everyone and charge a minimal fee so the burden of producing these services does not fall on the Council Tax payer.

Food is most probably the cheapest it has ever been but societies problem today is people no longer want to take responsibility for their own lives they expect others like Government to look after them. It time to return to cooking your own food, shop around rather then buy Take away or ready-made meals. In other words start taking responsibility for yourself and your family


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