Monday, March 06, 2017

Back at Costa Adeje

This is our 5th visit to Costa Adeje and obviously must like the area. For a get way it is ideal Nice Beach Good Weather etc and I was going to say cheap but that is not the case any more. In a Café on the beach 2 Coffees and a Coke  9 euros yet Full English was 3 Euro, Pair of Flip Flops 28 Euro. We spent 2 occasions at the Flamingo Club excellent Hotel but expensive and I was nearly suckered in to a Apartment Share thankfully we pulled out. 

What was annoying when we signed up for the Flamingo we were promised 3 weeks so I booked a flight for our third week yet when we turned down the Apartment Share we were told we would not be able to use the Flamingo and had to use another resort. Problem was the flight was booked and I was not allowed to change.
So we went to Thomas Cook and booked another, which was all inclusive Hotel, which was the Isla Bonita on arrival the Hotel, it was a shock not what we expected it was like arriving on the set of Benidorm. It was very Big and very dated with TV 20 years old so after an horrendous journey I was far from happy.

 Yet it had a good restaurant with a good selection of food all be it some times not very hot, the staff were very good and the entertainment was of a good quality. So all in all not a bad choice, would I come again to this Hotel NO! We were told they are closing at the end of the season for refurbishment. It was the size of the Hotel I was not happy with mind you it had a diverse clientele with many languages being spoken it was like living in London

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