Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sturgeon Hates the English

Nicola Sturgeon wants Independence for Scotland and she says that Scotland does not want to be governed by the Bureaucrats in London Yet she want to become part of the EU and be governed by the Bureaucrats in Brussels?  She maintains that she want be an independent country yet wants to be a member of the EU. An EU that is fast becoming a United States of Europe? If the Scots break away from the UK England will be financially better off and the Scots worse of but that is their choice. Although it could be said all of the UK should have a say whether we want to keep Scotland in the Union.

Yet the reason why she wants to leave the Union is based on dislike and Hatred of the English no more no less. I have travelled to Scotland for 40 years but what I have noticed in the last 10 years is there is animosity to the English, which encouraged by the SNP. Take this weeks Rugby England v Scotland, yes I wanted England to win but many of my friends said if there is one country they never want to lose to and that was Scotland.

The SNP and Sturgeon have deliberately set out to create disharmony between England and Scotland, know matter what the outcome of the Referendum they have achieved their aim. It will take a generation to return to the mutual respect we had of each other that we had 20 years ago. Sturgeon wants to be seen as a Female Braveheart and we know what happened to him.

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