Friday, March 24, 2017

Clinton supports IRA Funeral

Have a look at that IRA Murders Martin McGuinness Funeral and see who was there. Start with Ex USA President Bill Clinton, for those who can remember the IRA atrocities will remember that they were getting financial aid from Irish Americans one of the reason the IRA were defeated was because those from the USA realised that the IRA were a bunch of Murdering Thugs and there funding dried up.  Yet rumours were floating about at the time the Democrats and especially the Clintons were giving tacit support to McGuinness and his murdering thugs looking at the photos of Clinton at the funeral maybe that was true. How the American people voted for that anti British, sexual predators are beyond me. I wonder if he will be at the funeral of Al-Qaida Terrorists who killed and murdered many Americans?

Of course we must not forget one time leader of the SNP, the party of I hate the English, Alex Salmon. A man who spent his life hating the English on the pretext of Scottish Independence one has to ask the question what is his and the SNP involvement with McGuinness and the IRA? Scots should ask the question how many Scottish Soldiers in the British Army were murdered at the hands of the IRA.

Then we have Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s personal advisor. You remember Blair the man who opened the floodgates to immigration and lied about Weapons of mass destruction and forced us into an illegal war in Iraq. It now looks like he was a friend to the IRA.

Martin McGuinness was an evil murdering thug and he should be remembered for that and hopefully he will rot in hell along with all his supporters. Maybe now his family will realise the grief he imposed on many families on the people he murdered. For those who say he should be forgiven remember that to be forgiven you have to be completely repentant of what you have done, he never repented or said sorry

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