Sunday, March 04, 2018

Was Achilles from Troy black

I have been watching the TV series TROY have to admit it is very long winded and boring but what annoyed me most was seeing Achilles as a Black Man

Was Achilles from Troy black? - Quora

No, quite the contrary. Homer’s ideal Greek is a tall, muscular, blonde hero.
The very ideals of ancient Greek appearance had always been fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.
I believe a tsunami of #BlackAchilles related questions will soon devastate Quora, so let me get this straight for you:
  1. No, Achilles wasn’t African, his looks fit him to be more of a Slavic or Nordic, but he was Greek
  2. Don’t buy into SJW propaganda, blackwashing history is as criminal as 1930s-1970s whitewashing, this is an insult to Greeks
  3. There’s an active race-related and well funded propaganda material happening in USA and UK, designed to repaint European history differently, so that it appeals to wider set of races living in these countries. According to liberal non-government organizations, European culture is too Euro-centric, or in other words, too white
Now this PC propaganda is not just affecting Historical events, remember MERLIN where they had Black Knights and Black Villagers in England during the reign of King Arthur. The PC TV writers are putting a Gay Plot in every Soap and new TV series, They seem to think that in every walk of life Gay people are prominent in Society, yet the Government’s Office of National Statistics found just 2% of the population are Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual. So by definition not everyone will have Gay Friends. Is this promotion of inaccuracies because those in the entertainment industry have a higher percentage of Gays and want to normalize these abnormal sexual acts?
Gone are the days when Ethnic Minorities and Gays were treated as sub humans, being refused jobs, housing etc, BUT now the wheel has turned to far into the opposite direction. The situation is where Ethnic Minorities and Gay people have extra rights and are treated as superior to the rest of society. Isn’t about time these writers, TV Programme makers etc. stuck to Historical fact and what is really happening in our Society
Can you imagine the outcry if Nelson Mandela, Shuka Zulu, Martin Luther King were portrayed as white men. The way things are going we will have a Black Nelson, Francis Drake, Henry V111etc and I expect all those will be Gay .
TV is a great way to try make Fake News and Events true especially for the young who are obsessed with these programmes.
I only know 2 Homosexuals who use the Gym both are nice blokes and I do not have any Gay Friends not because I am Homophobic is just there is not enough to go round

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