Monday, March 12, 2018

Arrest Grooming Gangs

Tommy Robinson was recently attacked by a group of Corbyn’s Left-wing storm troopers Antifa and it was all videoed yet there is ANGER as police ‘refuse to investigate’ attack on Tommy Robinson in London

Interesting Tommy was given a 18 month suspended sentence for trying to interview Muslim Rapist gang in Ramsgate and the Britain First 2 were given Prison sentence for shouting at the same Muslim Rapist? 

Man in UK let off rape because 'Muslim upbringing did not teach him to respect women

Islamic teacher sexually abused a girl of 11 whom he taught the Koran to spared jail because wife doesn’t speak English

But Prison for Britain First 2 who shouted insults at Muslim Rapist

When will people realise there is one law for Left Wing Thugs and Muslims and another for the rest of us The Police are the tools of Left/Liberal Establishment and political elite.

When will the decent law abiding Muslim stand up against the 30% who want Sharia Law and the conquest of the UK

We need a political Party that is anti Establishment


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