Thursday, March 08, 2018


Why have I called the imprisonment of Britain First 2 leaders as Political Prisoners? Simply it is what they were imprisoned for that is “Religious Hatred” 

Now I was not a big fan of Britain First although I totally agreed with their sentiments I was unhappy about their actions, raiding butchers, Islamic courts etc. was bound to cause unnecessary friction. Yet I saw nothing wrong with them demonstrating, handing leaflets and using Social media to put their message across. Interesting that they were often harassed themselves by the PC Kent Police see videos on Facebook

What I found disturbing was that they never physically attacked anyone they just harassed the Muslim who were imprisoned for sexual grooming. Maybe it was wrong to harass these despicable Muslims, their friends and acquaintances  BUT according to the news they were all Muslims the same people who believe its founder having sex with a 9 year old was OK so do not have a lot sympathy with them. It was mentioned that Jayda Fransen banged on the window of the Kebab shop where the jailed Muslim sex attackers worked, well OK maybe she should not have done it but considering that the Kebab Shop that employed these Muslims was still operating would make people question whether other children are safe?

Yet my main reason for calling them Political Prisoners is why were they selected to be prosecuted for so called Hate Crime when the Muslim Community are often calling for the death of People for example Hundreds Muslims in London warn Jews that their day to be beheaded by Muslims is coming, Like the Jews of Khaybar - "Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, jaish Muhammed sa-ya'ud" (In Arabic) where they arrested? NO, Geert Wilders  is a Dutch politician who is the founder and the current leader of the Party for Freedom an anti Islamic party when he visited our Parliament Muslim demonstrated and said he should be beheaded not just because he was anti Muslim but also because he was Gay and how many times have we seen massive Muslim Demonstrations calling for Caliphate and the death of all non Muslims, how many times have we seen on Social Media Islamic Clerics reciting Religious Hate from their Koran were any arrested? Plus what about the Left wing fascists like Antifa who actually attack people who do not agree with them surely that is a Hate Crime

Also there is a saying the punishment should fit the crime, last year a White Women was taken to court for insulting and attacking a Muslim women in Burka. She was rightly taken to court and given a suspended sentence, yet Britain First Leaders made no physical attack but were jailed? My parents used to say sticks and stones may break my bones will never hurt me, maybe an over simplification of Free Speech

So of course their arrest, subsequent imprisonment is a Political move by the establishment and the Government it is meant to send a message to all Right Wing group who warn us of the dangers of Islam will not be tolerated. Free Speech is only allowed when you agree with the Left leaning Establishment and the Government and of course we get the reply the Judiciary is independent if you believe that you will believe anything

If Britain First were left alone they would have become just an irritant, instead their Leaders have become Hero’s and their numbers and donations will rise. I do not know much about the hierarchy of Britain First but I will guarantee they have people in place to take over

It is about time our Government asked the question why do organisations like Britain First and Tommy Robinson exist and why are their followers growing?

Read DM Article then go to comments and see how many are supporting Britain First, it really surprised me but just proves my point

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