Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Erdogan where are left wing demonstrators


They have said they will bring a ¼ million people to protest against Trump the democratic leader of the USA YET none of them has demonstrated against the Islamic Dictator of Turkey President Erdogan. This man has turned Turkey from a Secular State formed by Founder of Turkey Ataturk into an Islamic Dictatorship; he has murdered people who oppose him locked up hundreds of journalist and thousands of civilians mainly state employees BUT No demonstrations why because he is a Muslim?

What about the recent conflict in Gaza as per usual everyone blames Israel including the UN lets remember, “The majority of UN member states are not full-fledged democracies. Number of ... Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC), 56 (largest bloc in NAM & G-77)” UK once again sides with Hamas the London Mayor even allows them to demonstrate yet HAMAS is a prescribed Terrorist Organisation since 2001. Because Israel Killed over 50 insurgence they are the wicked ones ignore the fact that Hamas supporters were trying to break into Israel a sovereign state using all types of weapons including Molotov Cocktails and other firebombs, they were told by Hamas break into Israel kill civilians and rip out their hearts. Because no Israelite were killed they were at fault? The Hamas propaganda said children were killed and the BBC CNN loved this but here are some pictures of those innocent children

We are supposed to have Conservative Government in the UK but they are dominated by Left wing ideology

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