Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Close Lords

Yesterday the House of Lords once again voted to put a dampener on the Brexit process. We even had the spectacle of unelected Bishop's giving the people of the UK a lecture on what a mistake Brexit is, its farcical! Tensions also exist within the cabinet over the Customs Union with it being revealed the fudge Theresa May is pushing is the only way the Tory whips can get a vote through the commons.
On the 5th of June we will be holding a demonstration outside Parliament at 14:00 with a very simple message- "Stop the Betrayal!" So far around 120 people have said they will come along with up to a thousand more interested. This is not intended to be a mass march or protest but rather to give people the chance to show they are not happy. There are a number of ways, Martin, that you can help and even if you are only able to do one of them you will be helping out greatly!
  • You can come along on the day and help, please register now by Clicking Here!
  • You can share our events and posts off Facebook and Twitter which is a big help if you can't make it
  • You can forward this email on to your friends and family to let them know what we are doing
If you are already a member or donor then we really appreciate everything you have done for us. If not your financial support is needed to help with our overall campaign to keep it running, we aren't backed by any billionaires like George Soros!
To become a member please click here now:
To donate to our crowdfund to cover the costs of the day of action click here now:
Any questions in the meantime then please let me know.
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David Clews


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