Friday, May 11, 2018

18 year old given house

Just watched a Programme on BBC about Housing Officers. An 18 year old young women who was pregnant with her first child living in her parents nice family home applied for a House from the local authority and was given a brand new 2 bedroom house on a brand new estate. When interviewed she was never asked about the father of the child and whether he would be supporting. Surely the house would be have better given to needy Couple with a child rather then a Girl from a middle class family?  Although she is working now that will stop when she has the baby, so us Tax/Council taxpayer will be paying for her. She will be given unemployment benefit, housing benefit and help with her Rates. My question is why should us Tax Payers etc.  Pay for a girl who contributed very little to society and why hasn’t the father child not brought task (that is the impression the BBC gave) Surely everyone should be responsible for their own actions

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