Monday, May 14, 2018

A New Generation of Media

When I set up UK Unity last November it was to ensure we had a genuine grassroots movement to leave the EU and make sure we can renew and strengthen the UK afterwards. What I wasn't prepared for and still cannot believe is the outright bias and elitist agenda peddled by our mainstream broadcasters and media, perhaps I was naive.
This is why we set up Unity News Network- A New Generation of Media to allow people of a like mind to get their news and information from a source they can trust to deliver. The response so far has been incredible and we have had over 100,000 visitors to our site in the first week. 
We were also the subject to a sustained Cyber Attack last weekend to try and collapse the website by unknown sources who obviously didn't like the fact that we were reporting on the Day for Freedom March last Sunday that was totally ignored by the mainstream media when tens of thousands of people took to the streets of London. This has since been stopped and solved and we have moved to a far stronger server so this will not happen again.
What we ask for you to do is visit our site here and subscribe to receive a weekly update if you so wish or just be sure to like our new page on Facebook or Twitter and share our articles when we put them up.
I will update you more this week on our planned demonstration outside Parliament on the 5th of June and for those not already a member please join our growing ranks by joining up and supporting our cause here:
We really hope to grow Unity News Network alongside UK Unity and if you have any feedback on our news site then please let me know.
Kind Regards,

David Clews
Unity News

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