Sunday, September 30, 2007

X Factor Cry Babies

Over the weekend I had a bout of food poisoning, I had a chicken cannelloni in Canterbury, So I spent 14 hours of on the toilet this started to ease of just as the X Factor came on the box, I will admit I do like watching the first rounds as you get some really crap acts which are hilarious but I normally stop watching when it comes to Boot Camp as it always seems to be a repeat of previous years except with different face in fact a rather boring affair but as I could not go out I decided to watch. The format was as expected but what has happened to the “British Stiff Upper Lip” where you deal with adversity, disappointment and jubilation in a dignified manner, all I saw was a lot of crying, jumping and shouting I was quite disgusted, luckily enough I had recorded the latest episode about “The Royal Marines” here was at least some young people I as an Englishman could be proud of, young people who were prepared to give their lives for others rather then seeking fame and riches in the overrated, over egotistical world of the celebrity
Can any of you official ado’s of the X Factor tell me do they have any acts apart from singers copying well known artists?

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