Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Brilliant Poles Lazy English

Here we go again Employers telling us how lazy and incompetent we British are and how marvellous the Poles are, that to me translate to GOOD , ANOTHER SOURCE OF CHEAP LABOUR. These economic immigrants have taken ½ million jobs from British Workers (reported recently) and why because they under cut our work force and are prepared to work ridiculously long hours.
Yet in Poland reports are coming in that people queue at shops because there is no one to serve them, tradesman (if you can call them that) are an endangered species. Everyone realises that Poland has just come out of Communism but if the people of Britain had not worked after the last war to rebuild our nation where would be now. I suggest that all Poles return home and rebuild their beautiful neglected country and stop being used by that Greedy Nose in the Trough employers who are using you, the same employers who pushing low paid British Nationals into poverty.
I was recently told a Large Fruit Farmer inn my area was getting fed up with his Polish workers because they want the same money and conditions of work as British Subjects, plus they want managerial positions. So our Farmer is now looking for cheaper labour maybe the Albanians? After they want parity he can go on to local children I expect they would be even cheaper.

The latest from this farm was the polish fruit Picker who wanted job as a lorry driver, the Farmer said if he can get a license he would have a job obviously at a much lower wage. The Pole went home to Poland for a week he returned with a license to drive any lorry of any size and weight

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