Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do we care for the elderly

Do we care for our elderly?

Last week I watched a programme on TV where two elderly couples were interviewed both received no help from the state helping care for their infirmed Husband and wife. One man had to pay for someone to come and help wash his wife, who has Alzheimer’s twice a day, then I spoke to some one in the street who said they knew of an old lady who had to go into home and the authorities made her sell her house to pay for this. All of this is because they were not poverty stricken, yes that terrible MEANS TEST, some politicians, notably Labour say that it is only fair, why should the state pay for care for those who have savings and assets! Good point if it were coming from taxes BUT NO these people had paid National Insurance contributions, a government Insurance Scheme which was meant to protect them. If they had paid into a private health scheme that renegaded on the benefits, the company would be sued or even arrested, yet this Government refuses to pay SHAME ON THEM. On National TV it was reported that ¾ million elderly are in need of help and care because the Local Councils can no longer afford the costs theyb will get nothing but why should Councils and Council Tax Payers foot the bill? We all contribute to a National Insurance Scheme which is run by the National Government it is their responsibility.
Of Course the Prime Minister and his cronies say the country cannot afford it, the same people who’s expensive travelling jaunts are infamous but lets forget about that, the day that we found out about these ¾ Million elderly British subjects another announcement was made that Polish migrants are claiming £21 million on child benefit for their children who live in Poland, these people have contributed nothing yet get everything, last week it was announced that the BLOODY SUNDAY ENQUIRE has cost £15 million and the beneficiary of that are the fat cat lawyers.
Great Britain should be a wealthy country so why do we not look after the elderly after all they are the ones who helped finance GB.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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