Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cameron right on jobless

“Cameron: Jobless must do community work or lose benefits”
Basically if you do not get a job within 2 years you do community work or lose your benefit, I personally would have said 6 months. Yet until we get rid of immigrant Labour who have driven down wages so much that Building Labourers were earning more 20 years ago under Maggie, with employers paying the low paid £5.50p to £6 an hour on average how will these low paid workers survive unless there is some top up scheme. It has been reported that over the last few years 80% of all new jobs created went to immigrant Labour.

Let me give you an example of a friend of mine he is 55 years of age worked on a building site most of his life, his job came to an end and been on the dole ever since. So what does he live on and what are his expenses:

Rent for his 1 bedroom flat £450 per month £400 is paid by the local council in housing benefit.
Council Tax £60 per month paid for by the local council
Electric Water £60 per month
Unemployment benefit £256.31p

Outgoings £570 per month, Income £716.31p leaving him £146.31 per month or £33.76 to feed, cloth himself plus in his type of work he will need a car which to tax and insure is approx £8 per week.
If he worked for £5.50p per hour doing an average 40 hour week his earning would be £953.33 per month minus Income tax and NI approx £890 per month. His outgoings would be Flat £450, Council Tax £60, Services £60 Petrol/Road Tax Insurance etc £50 be £620 per month leaving him with £333.33, £76.92p per week to feed himself, buy clothes and pay for those incidental things that may occur.

He would be still better of working but would a married man with a couple of kids be better of NO it seems to me that this group of people have access to bottomless pit of welfare benefits. This group has been institutionalised to be lazy and dependant on the state to live, they have been moulded by the state to be feckless, ill disciplined and irresponsible and it is the Welfare state that has made them like it.

So what to do:
1) In a country where there is till a couple of million unemployed why are we importing immigrant labour?
2) Wages need to go up if that means we pay more for food, electrical products so be it. Wealth is not always financial it is pride in one self something some of these people have lost
3) After a period of time stop paying out benefit in money give them vouchers, once they can not buy their fags and booze they will soon chase after a job
4) Top up this is where those who take a low paid job can get help by applying for extra money to meet their basic needs.
I have never been a great fan of the Unions but in the past hundred years or so they have been responsible for improving the work and condition of the working man something they seem to be ignoring today. Although I am against immigrant labour I do not see why they should be abused, this group of people are expected to work extremely long hours sometimes 7 days a week for a pittance, some have to live in accommodation supplied by their employer, it because of these things that English people can not and do not want to do the work. The year is 2008 nobody should need to work more the 40 hours a week to earn a living wage.

What of my friend sadly all he can get is Agency work and they will not guarantee him a weeks works. It has always surprised me that a Labour Government who is supposed to be for the working man even allows these agencies to exist and they only exist so Employers can get round some of the ridiculous employment laws.

This country needs a good shake up and there is only one group who can do that and that is the Conservative Party.

Martin Clarke

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