Friday, January 04, 2008


A friend of mines wife has very bad MS so much so she can not walk, he will most probably have to finish work to become her carer. So as some one who has worked since he left school 35 years ago he has paid his National Insurance and taxes with out fail with little or no complaint. His wife needs a lift for the bedroom, invalid toilet and shower facilities, now as someone who paid into an insurance scheme all his life you would think he and his wife would be entitled to this free of charge? OH NO he is means tested this is where they have a look how much money he has in the bank, what property he earns and then they decide how much help he will get. In his case very little he has estimated he will have to get an extra mortgage £300 per month on what he is now paying to cover the extra facilities couple this with the fact that when he has to quit his job his income will fall by 50% his future is not very rosy. Now compare his plight with someone who may live a few streets away in a similar position, this family only worked intermittently over the last 40 years, when then they did have money they spent it on fags, booze, drugs and expensive holidays, they always rented. Now thy have nothing and everything is given to them free, even their rent and council tax is paid for. So my friend has been frugal with his money and saved for a rainy day and this how our government reward him, if he was paying into a Private Insurance scheme would they be allowed to pick and choose who it had to pay out on. Imagine the following “Sorry Mr Smith you have paid tens of thousands of pounds into our insurance but because you earn to much money we will not pay out, instead your money will go to the share holders” If that happened there would be a national outcry yet every day this government Insurance scheme uses MEANS TESTING.

On top of all this it takes months and months for anything to be done, like hospitals if you keep the ill and the elderly waiting long enough they will die and not cost the government a penny. WHAT A COUNTRY

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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