Sunday, January 06, 2008

"I WON'T" to gay weddings

Registrar says 'I won't' to gay weddings and sues council over ceremonies which offend her religious beliefs" article in Mail on Sunday

When this law came out the Government said it was NOT a marriage ceremony it was a CIVIL partnership to help to protect those who wish to live together legal rights. Yet two sisters or two brothers or come to that two Hetro Sexual Friends can not have a CIVIL Partnership to protect them only Homosexuals and Lesbians are allowed a CIVIL partnership that seems some what discriminating!

Surely being a Christian is to help your fellow human being but it is also about condemning and avoiding sin, so logically this Christian Registrar can not condone or promote a sinful act. Whether you like it or not most People believe the Homosexual act is sinful. Should a Council or Government promote Sinful activities?

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