Sunday, December 28, 2008


Good Bye 2008 Thank God

I can honestly say that 2008 has been the worst year I have ever experienced why?
1) Lost my wallet losing several hundreds of pounds
2) Turned my Caravan over on the motorway nearly losing my life along side my wife
3) Insurance company refusing to pay out because they maintain I did not inform them of a change of Address.
4) Complained to Ombudsman in July still waiting for a decision
5) Damage to car £4700 Insurance paid approx £600 still awaiting a further £1700 some hope
6) Joint Replacement operation cancelled in May 24 hours before operation 2nd cancellation in 3
Years have been waiting nearly 6 years for operation,
7) New appointment given to see consultant in October agrees to do operation Pre assessment
Check 19th November cancelled till 28th November cancelled again till early part of December
Eventually given December 30th
8) Had flu jab but still got Flu
9) Can not walk more the 20 yards with out Knee pain and now keeps me awake at night


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