Monday, December 08, 2008


There must be an election soon as the NUlabour government have just announced 2 policy statements which make sense. Jack Straw the person who brought us the HUMAN RIGHTS act has now realised it doesn’t work and has decided to try and change it to incorporate a HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY clause and they also have decided to clamp down on giving Council house to immigrants, they will have to wait 10 years. When will these reforms be introduced your guess is as good as mine NEVER I expect.

We are in recession due to two factors 1) The government did not put enough by for a rainy day 2) It is global problem. If we accept the latter why are there rumours flying about instigated by government sources that we are going into the Euro and accepting the EU Constitution. Surely the lesson learnt has been that we have been too reliant on outsiders i.e. USA and EU, to get out of this mess we must look to ourselves start becoming more self sufficient, start clawing back our utilities from foreign ownership etc Yes put GB before any other country.

The Banking crisis is built on greed and inefficiency and what do Government throughout the World do Reward those who started the Problem , you will not see One banker, Government Minister, MP, MEP or civil servant go with out this Christmas, the public should think of that when they sit down for the Christmas Dinner some for the last time in the house they are in.

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