Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Global Warning & THE PLAN

2008 is the global 10th coldest year since records began in 1850 (source WMO).

Why do I make that statement? I believe GLOBAL WARMING is an excuse to Tax the hilt out of all us and politicians along side their bureaucrats refuse to tell us the truth. Roger Helmer MEP has written alternative article in the “The European Journal” (http://www.europeanfoundation.org/) he brings up the problem of Wind Electricity which will be 14% dearer, its environmental benefits are debatable and in some cases where they dig up peat bogs to erect these monstrosities they release more carbon so that any net carbon benefit from the wind farm is lost. If you go to his web site you will find video speech he gives on the subject which is well worth a look.

My main thrust is one Politicians very rarely, if ever, listen to the voters if they did three things would have happened 1) Hanging would be brought back 2) we would have left the EU 3) There would be more prisons with longer sentences, I personally do not agree with hanging but on every occasion they have a survey a large % vote for its return. Our Government and Parliament treat us like retarded children who do not understand anything, when I was a councillor many years ago I asked a leading politician “was it his job to represent the views of his constituents” his answer was “NO” he maintained it was his duty to do what was best for his constituents. What arrogance best meant what he considered best is that democracy?

Democracy to me is when the Majority decide our destiny. So how can our system of Government be called a Democracy? At the last election 47% of the population voted from that 47%, 37% voted Nu Labour the government of today, a government who has overall majority and can not be voted down. That is to say approx 17% of the population voted for our present Government to me that is a dictatorship, what if we changed to Proportional Representation or made voting compulsory that may make Parliament look different but it still puts total power in the hands of MP’s for a maximum of 5 years with the people having no say in between and the EU is the Ultimate Democratic Dictatorship instead of our Leaders getting power via the Gun they get it by the voting system either way the ordinary man is powerless.

I have but given up on this country and resigned myself that the UK had Europe had slipped into a Kid Glove dictatorship which will eventually implode either by violent revolution or by the corruption of the system itself, that has already started with the credit crunch but I had some cheer when I purchased a book The Plan: Twelve months to renew Britain
by Douglas CarswellDaniel Hannan
The British state is failing. The government has taken more than £1.2 trillion in additional taxation since 1997, yet still fails to discharge its primary functions competently. Our schoolchildren compare dismally with their contemporaries in other countries; our healthcare system is likelier to kill its charges than any other in the EU; we have the highest prison population in Europe and one of the highest crime rates; we have lost control of our borders; our transport infrastructure is overloaded. The current financial crisis, exacerbated by Britain's indebtedness and by the high spending of the quango state, is just the latest manifestation of a deeper malfunction.
The book goes on to suggest the following:

Scrapping all MPs' expenses except those relating to running an office and travel from the constituency

Selecting candidates through open primaries

Local and national referendums

"People's Bills", to be placed before Parliament if they attract a certain number of signatures

Placing the police under locally elected Sheriffs, who would also set local sentencing guidelines (I wrote suggesting the same thing many months ago)

Appointing heads of quangos, senior judges and ambassadors through open hearings rather than prime ministerial patronage

Devolving to English counties and cities all the powers which were devolved to Edinburgh under the 1998 Scotland Act

Placing social security, too, under local authorities

Making councils self-financing by scrapping VAT and replacing it with a Local Sales Tax

Allowing people to pay their contributions into personal healthcare accounts, with a mandatory insurance component

Letting parents opt out of their Local Education Authority, carrying to any school the financial allocation that would have been spent on their child

Replacing EU membership with a Swiss-style bilateral free trade accord

Requiring all foreign treaties to be ratified by Parliament

Scrapping the Human Rights Act withdrawing from the ECHR and guaranteeing parliamentary legislation against judicial activism

A "Great Repeal Bill" to annul unnecessary and burdensome laws

Now this looks like democracy “For the People by the People” the book can be purchased on Amazon, I hope you all read it but more importantly I hope our Politicians read it

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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