Monday, December 22, 2008

Fat Cats Banker, City Spivs and Nu Labour

Who wants to live in Nu Labour UK

My wife runs a small HMO 4 Bedsits over the year she earns approx £9000 plus £1455 Senior Citizen Pension obviously out of this she has to pay expenses Gas, water, electric plus sundries. Not a massive amount, yet she has just been clobbered with a £1451.55p tax bill so all her pension has gone to fund Gordon Browns Coffers. One wonders why she bothers with the Bedsits she just as well shut down 2 make the occupants homeless and not pay any Tax, this will not happen because she has a conscience. Something Gordon Brown does not have , will he be bailing out all those who will lose their houses because they can no longer afford the mortgages NO but he is happy to Bail out Banks who along with him and his government are responsible for the mess we are in, the same Bank executives who earn in a week what my wife does in a year and will Gordon and his ministers plus all the MP’s suffer because of the credit crunch NO they will still get their salaries, their perks, their expenses and when they retire they will get their index linked pensions, oh and we must not forget all those Civil Servants who have guaranteed jobs for life at inflated pay. I was returning from St Petersburg Russia I had attended the World Sambo Championships (paid for by myself) and I overheard some Civil servants who had been to the City for a fact finding mission boasting because of the credit crunch they going to have a cheap Christmas. Next year you will see more and more people homeless, there will be more family break ups, crime will increase, more suicides all because of greedy incompetent bankers and a Government who was not prepared and did not save for the future.
Maybe I can make a suggestion every homeowner who can not afford the mortgage repayments should be allowed to hand back their house to the Mortgage Company with no penalty and then the mortgage company will allow them to stay at a reasonable rent. This will allow the occupants to live in a house they have built up, plus prevent a family breakdown, the mortgage company would be a winner because they now own the house and are collecting an income on the property and in 5 or 6 years time when the value of the house goes to what is owed they can sell it back to the owner. The original owner becomes a tenant and could be illegible for Housing Benefit which would be paid for by National Government not local Councils at least this way Nu Labour could be helping the ordinary working man rather then lining the pockets of Banking and City Spivs.

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

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