Tuesday, December 16, 2008

IS Womens Hour Propaganda for Womens Lib?

I quite often listen to the Radio, I like current affairs programmes and telephone call in programs like the A.M production of TalkSport , mind you the latter programme has become really tame now that presenter John Gaunt was sacked for voicing his opinion so much for free speech. On Saturday I switched on a Review of the weeks “Women’s Hour” my first thought I can not listen to this but am glad I did.

First we had a Top American lady who was on John McCain’s Presidential Team a Carly Feriman (not sure of the spelling) she was asked whether women still had an up hill struggle when it cam to top jobs, she replied yes but instead of making excuses and condemning men she went on to say “So I had to work harder” Her best reply was “You want the best people for the job no matter what packaging it comes in” now there is a women to respect but I must add caveat: Could it be that some women are not good enough for the job? One thing she mentioned that business deals are done in Lap dancing Clubs and she felt it degrading that as women she was expected to attend clients at these venues, I think it is degrading for anyone to attend a place like this and the tax man she should not allow this type of cooperate entertainment as a legitimate tax deduction

Next came a piece featuring Rachel Cooke a reporter from the Observer, she was beside herself that 30% of women between 15 & 30 thought that women should stay at home and look after their home worse still 40% of all women said the same thing she felt flummoxed! I personally thought the figure would have or should have been higher. Then some other women complained it was taken for granted that women should look after children, she then inferred why men could not do it instead. Maybe she has never heard of the bond between Mother and Child something a man will never replace, a child needs it mother at those young years not a nanny. What annoyed me most was that I took this as insult to my own wife, I have been married for 38 years in that time we have had 3 children, 5 grandchildren, a nice house, a good business renting property and all of this has been done as a partnership (not the soppy name for people who live together and will not marry) a true partnership. The strength of our partnership was we both worked to our strengths my wife is an excellent home maker, mother and grandmother while I have a better eye for business, without the others strength we would not have succeeded. On many occasions her skills in being a homemaker has helped in the business.

The next was the funniest they had some of the Greenham Common women on, for those who can not remember them they were a bunch of women who lived in make do shelters for years around USA Cruise missile base at Greenham Common 25 years ago, their idea was to stop the Cruise Missiles with the hope that war would stop and mankind could live in peace. A worthy ideal and peaceful protest is a good thing but to stay for years and having the ignominy of failing is something else. Cruise Missiles were eventually removed from Greenham because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism, the threat of the missiles helped do that, whether the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the problems that have gone with it, is for the betterment of mankind is for history to decide. Policing these women cost millions of pounds money which could have been spent on far better things. The funny part was when an archaeologist came on stating that they were excavating the site? after only 25 years. I expect they have even got a government grant for this important fact finding mission into our history so they can understanding the people of that era? Dare I make a suggestion that they look at TV reports, listen to archive radio talk to the people who were there. Yet they did have one interesting find it seems this strange tribe of women had different camps and one was for vegans, at the vegan camp they found an empty milk bottle! Could it have left by the Vegan Tribe or could it have been tossed out of a car window? Finally one of the Greenham Common women bragged how she stopped there for 5 years, where did she get the money to eat? THE DOLE who knows and to bring up children in those conditions was at best irresponsible, where were the Social Services when they are really needed
It was interesting to listen but once again a typical BBC programme with no balance

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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