Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Rules are to be obeyed

The recent MP scandal over expenses and their excuse I was not doing anything wrong it was all in the rules, it seems bureaucrats can not help themselves when it comes to the rules.
Recently a company which collects discarded Cloths approached our Young Judo Club about having a 4ft x 4ft collection bin outside the Swale Martial Arts Club 20% of the proceeds was to go to air ambulance, the club was to receive a donation of £100 and we were helping recycling everyone was a winner. Well so we thought till we realised that we had to have planning permission and this was going to cost in access of £350 when I suggested to the council officials that this was bang out of order I got the reply “No! rules are there to be obeyed” common sense does not come into it. Obviously at that price the project was not financially viable but even though the Judo kids, the air ambulance and the business lose the rules have been obeyed. Mind you there was a little man with a silly moustache from Austria some 65 years ago had the same idea about Obeying ZA Rules.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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