Thursday, May 14, 2009

Derek Wyatt MP Largest Claim in Kent

An article appeared in one of our local paper about our MP Derek Wyatt with reference to expenses I have asked Mr Wyatt whether he is still claiming a second home allowance, and if not, when he stopped claiming, bearing in mind, so I am told, that he no longer lives in the constituency, and presumably only has one home. DW's comments in the article seem to point to the fact that he still has two homes, but he refuses to give details of his "second home" because it is a "matter of privacy"....! This answer is exactly what the public are sick of, when he lived in the constituency we all knew he lived in village called Rodmersham and used a pub called the Fruiterers so why all the secrecy.
He goes on to say in the article that he doesn’t leave London till 10.40pm and has to return at 8am on a Monday and Tuesday on this occasion it make sense to stay over but book into a Travel Lodge why does he need to spend £23,000 on a second home when he only need to stay over when Parliament is sitting for two nights? Remember Parliament break 24 days at Christmas, 12 days in February, 17 days in Easter, 10 days at Whitsun and 82 day in the summer, 145 day a year or 5 months so 63 nights stay over, even at a £100 per night this would only be £6,300 per year a saving of £14,000 per year. Gordon Henderson hopefully our next MP has said that he will commute on a daily basis as do thousands of other people from Swale and one thing is for sure I will hold him to this, although Gordon is a friend of mine I have told him the day he goes native will be the day I will work to have him removed. DW lists his staff expenses at £91,000 his secretary certainly has a well paid job I never realised they were paid so much or is the pay for MP Secretaries only?

Derek Wyatt has been accused of claiming the most in Kent but lets be fair he is not the only one on the gravy train Conservatives and LibDems are there as well, for some years now I have been fed up with politics. The EU started this by being a Democratic Dictatorship never listening to the electorate and being totally corrupt and now our own Parliament which is subservient to the EU has become the same. Each Party is producing very young career MP’s who have no understanding of normal life and normal people, they see being an MP as career and the way to earn a living rather then a vocation a duty to serve your people and your country, it seems the only people they serve is their selves.

So how do we revolt? Norman Tebbit suggested not voting for any other of the major parties GREAT IDEA but people in Swale have a problem Daniel Hannan MEP is our Euro MP he worked as a reporter at the Daily Telegraph he is a great campaigner against corruption in the EU and has even suggested leaving the EU how can you not vote for him, the same must go for Gordon Henderson a man in his fifties worked all his life, has been a Borough Councillor and a County Councillor, plus he will be a new broom not tainted by the corrupt parliamentary system we have now, I expect the LibDems will be selecting mature local people . What we need is honest politicians who will fight for the rights of the electorate and listen to them no matter what political party they represent as we are moving fast to anarchy,

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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