Friday, May 08, 2009

Politicians are Magicians

As you are aware I have been complaining about Council Tax on empty properties, I have just been informed that Business rates are no longer levied on empty businesses and local councils decide the rate on empty properties not Government, this is not just a problem in the UK but also in the USA below is an email sent by friend in the USA, I have highlighted the piece and ask could this happen in the UK or is it already happening!

Always great to hear from you. We have a lot of problems in the USA and they are very similar to the ones you have in GB. I have two rental properties in Florida and they have been vacant for 6 months. I still have to pay all taxes, electric, and water. Taxes for school and no one lives there. Doesn't make sense unless you are a politician. Politicians are one of the few who pay much more to become a politician than what they will make, but become richer than what they earn. Must be magicians. We just become poorer with them in office. Now they want us to share any money we do make with those who do not want to work, and give benefits that they have not earned or participated in. That does not give incentive to try to achieve. Quite and let others work and take care of you.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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