Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is Swine Fever a Hoax

This article was sent to me by email a very interesting read

Already you see media stories admitted this whole swine flu pandemic is a hoax. On May 3 the press said it was "overblown." Congressman Dr. Larry McDonald said, "I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax." This isn't new. Back in 1976 there was the original swine flu hoax. Congress said everyone was going to die, only the government could save them, and tried to vaccinate the entire country with a vaccine not even meant for swine flu. It was a hoax. One elderly person died possibly of swine flu. Twenty five people died directly from the effects of the government vaccine! Countless more got sick and had side effects from it. We told you this is a hoax. But it is a prelude! There have already been forced quarantines for no good reason. There is a threat of mandatory quarantine. There is a threat of forced vaccines. There is a threat of martial law. A state of national emergency was called for nothing. Californis called for a state emergency. WHO said it is a stage 5 pandemic on a scale of 1 to 6. Not one American has died. In our state of North Carolina only one person has been confirmed with swine flu out of eight million residents. As of May 4 WHO threatens to raise the alert to a full blown level 6 pandemic!!!Let's put this in persptective. Last year there were over 13,000 confirmed cases of tuberculosis. This is a rabidly infectious disease, and there have been real TB epidemics. Almost one thousand people died last year of TB, yet not one American has died from swine flu. 1,400 people die every day from coronary heart disease. That's 42,000 every month. That's news! Why is the government trying to practice medicine. Why is Home Land Insecurity trying to practice medi-cine? They're both too stupid to get out of their own way.

You cannot get swine flu from eating pork, even raw pork from infected pigs. It is biologically impossible. Yet, the American pork industry has been decimated by this. People are refusing to buy or eat pork. We are the largest pork exporter in the world, and many countries have banned our exports. This is just one more way the flu hoax is destroying the economy. Did you know the Egyptian government made the farmers kill all their pigs? Every one of them. There hasn't been one single case of swine flu in Egypt. Not one. You need to realize how this hoax devastates the entire world economy. Go to Google and type in "swine flu hoax", and you'll come up with lots of good information. Congressman Ron Paul has exposed the hoax. Our old friend Dr. Mercola ( shows that vaccines kill more people than the flu does. and expose this. Just type in "swine flu hoax" and you'll be overwhelmed.There is no swine flu vaccine. There will be. Don't get vaccinated when it is available. Tamiflu and Relenza just make you worse. No antiviral drugs work; please remember that. All antiviral drugs are a scam for money, like the much touted interferon family. Folks, aren't you tired of being lied to year after year about one false epidemic after another? Swine Flu 1976, SARS, Gulf War Syndrome, Hanta Virus, Antrax (not even Contagious!), Ebola, Listeria, E. Coli HO197, Mad Cow, flesh eating bacteria, Pfiesteria (red tide) and West Nile Virus. Aren't you tired of the government and media crying wolf when there never is a wolf?

This is a prelude, and it is a prelude to force vaccinations, forced quarantine, martial law, and more violations of your civil rights. Executive order 13375 allows for forced quarantine for no reason, and prison time and quarter million dollar fines for refusing. Land of the free?The only vaccine you want is smallpox, but that is not available.Why can't we get smallpox vaccine? Why has it been completely prohibited to us? This threat is due to politics and not health concerns. We face a serious threat of smallpox biowarfare. Read Demon in the Freezer if you want more information.Swine flu is a hoax and a prelude. Your freedom is at stake.

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