Sunday, May 17, 2009


In Last Sunday's Kent on Sunday an article appeared about a GAY BAR and how homosexual activists are demanding a Special License from Canterbury City Council to open a place which thankfully the Council have refused.
I do not think homosexuality is normal and do not agree with legislation that allows them to marry, adopt children etc but I also do not see why a homosexual should be persecuted 30 years ago this was the case but the pendulum has now gone the other way where homosexual are getting and demanding special treatment over those of us who have a normal sexual tendencies.
The Gay bar is a perfect example Why do these people not just apply to run a pub/bar and make it known that they encourage Homosexuals to use it, people would vote with there feet even give it some name that homosexuals can relate to. It is not the job of the City Council to promote Homosexuality, it is the job of the Council to promote tourism and business for Canterbury, to make a precedent and make a special case for Homosexuals then you open the doors for Canterbury to become the Gay Capital of Kent. Now if the voters of Canterbury want that ask them with a referendum, but I for one would be uncomfortable visiting Canterbury if that happened

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