Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global warming Man Made I am not convinced

I am still not convinced that Man is to blame for Global warming but what I do know it is an excuse to tax the ordanary man and impose restrictions on the ordanary man. Yet Government will fly all over the World to discuss Global Warming and how we can reduce our Carbon Foot Print. YET how much Carbon will they be using when they attend this meeting? How many members of their Staff will they take with them? How many miles have they travelled, How many miles, will the food these people and their entourage consume, travel. I could go on in these days of International Communication you would have thought TV Conference meetings could be arranged where everyone could stop at Home.

The Doom and Gloom Merchants used by Governments who tell us that we only have a few years to survive are good for the excuse to higher taxes and increase their own wages but if things are that bad why are events Like the "World Cup", Olympic Games", Massive Pop Festivals still allowed what msut the Global footprint be on these events. Untill something like this happens I will always have my doubts

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