Sunday, November 01, 2009

Stolen Tractor in Poland

I was recently talking to friend who has contacts with members of the farming world and he told me a couple of things
1) It seems that Farmers in the Swale area are having their equipment stolen and when one went on the Internet he found his Tractor being offered on EBay in Poland
2) Sheep rustling is become very popular but not with flocks of sheep but individual ones it seems certain groups of people no longer wish to buy a sheep for their spit bar b q. Brings a new meaning to Pick your Own
3) It also seems that our foreign workforce are not quite the saints they are betrayed out to be especially when it comes to picking fruit which are often bruised with a lot of waste and of course our hard done by farmers are not happy. Well can I say you they only have themselves to blame for employing cheap foreign labour rather then employing honest English labour? Rubbish English people do not want work I hear you say, that is a myth put out by Greedy Employers. Years ago women would do the fruit picking along with proper Gypsies who would stay on the farms for months in their caravans. The one thing the foreman would say pick your fruit carefully and place the fruit in basket or bin, yes it took a bit longer but there was less damaged fruit. Health and Safety stops women bringing their children to work when on a farm, rightly so a farm can be a dangerous place. What used to happen the women would drop the kids of at school and a 9am a Lorry or Bus would collect them and bring them back at 3pm to collect the kids. The women brought in extra money to the family and they could be with their children when they were needed. Not in today’s society in Nu Labour under the likes of Harriet Harman, a women must take on a full time job which doesn’t coincide with the needs of the family if she doesn’t she will be pilloried for not contributing to society.
All those British employers who employ cheap foreign labour do so at the expense of the British workman, this may be OK when there is full employment but we have now Millions unemployed and nearly all British. One final point I am told every one is saying how good Morrison’s are as they have brought a 1000 jobs to the area but why is it that 200 of those jobs have gone to Eastern Europeans imported into the Town?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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