Sunday, November 01, 2009

Swale Celebration

Swale a Celebration of Culture
On Saturday I and my Judo Club were invited to give a demonstration of Judo, Sambo and CombatSombo. I expected we were invited because these two Grappling Disciplines originated from Japan and Russia different Cultures to our own. Yet as I mentioned in my commentary there has been Jacket wrestling in England since the 1400’s and that was Cornish Wrestling also we Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling (also known as back hang) I once wrote an article suggesting the founder of Judo Jigaro Kano saw Cornish Wrestling when the sailors visited Japan and maybe this was his inspiration for Judo.
This celebration involved lots of Dancing from India, singing from people of African origin both of which I enjoy and I know our Judo kids did because they joined, there many other cultures represented sadly no English Traditions was on display something quite common at these events. I did ask why Morris Dancers were not included, fair do to the organiser who said it was oversight at least she was honest, I am not sure what these Function are supposed to do? Band s parading through the town was great a lot of people have commented what a marvellous display and this helped people value their cultures but the Town Hall I do not believed that worked, although there were a lot of people present it seemed all were involved in some way or other with the show. As I said our own Club Members joined in and enjoyed themselves but it was disappointing to when it was our turn to go on the hall emptied and one guy half way through our demo started tuning his guitar over the speakers I am not sure whether he was rude or just bored but it was off putting. I have run enough Judo, Sambo events to know that no matter how many posters you put out only those connected with what we are doing turn up and sorry to say the same was of this event at the Town.
After saying all that I enjoyed my time there and enjoyed the enthusiasm, congratulation to the organiser for all the hard work they put in, may be next year do it in the high street with a Marquee and stage next to the Nat West and maybe include Irish and Scottish Dancers although we must respect the culture of different nations we must not forget the indigenous (British) people of these Islands who made this country the place to settle. Great day not to happy though if it was paid for out of my Council Taxes.

Martin Clarke

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