Friday, January 22, 2010

Am I preaching?

On Friday I watch a discussion programme with Matthew Wright on Channel 5 which was very good, one of the discussions was VIDEO CLIP: Who'd wed a man who used to be gay the discussion was obvious but as the discussion moved on, several other things were said 1) What has a person sexuality got to do with anyone else in my opinion nothing 2) Who would want to wed a Homosexual Man no one I would have thought 3) there is no such thing as a normal relationship? This is the one that made me see red as all the presenters seem to agree with this as did the audience. According to the Collins Dictionary NORMAL = usual, regular, common, typical. So therefore I am right in saying that Male/Female sexual relationship is normal a Male/Male or Female/Female sexual relationship is not normal. Bring up children in a Marriage Relationship is normal, outside of Marriage is not normal (This could change if more people remain unmarried and have children) bringing children in a Homosexual relationship is not normal, so why can not these liberal Guardian reading presenter and their guest not admit this.
I believe in Marriage and I believe it is the best way to bring up children as expert opinion proves time and again, so I believe we should aspire to Marriage. That does not mean I do not accept on occasions that single parents do a good job a few do and before you all say want about widows or what of a man or women who has been deserted by their respective partner I realize there are casualties in what I believe and society should help and protect them that what Christian countries do.
The word Partner with regard to a couple living together outside of marriage is used in the same tone as you would introduce your Wife or Husband yet one (marriage) has taken solemn vows most probably in Church or some other religious place and most certainly under the eyes of the law. Partner would mean something if they had signed up to be partners rather then just shack up together.
GAY this used to mean feelings of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy"; what right has Homosexuals to take this beautiful word and use for their own Political ends. Why not use the correct word Homosexual
Bullying of Homosexuals: on my Twitter Group I have been asked to follow someone called stonewalluk it seems she is a big noise in Stonewall the Homosexual Pressure Group, it seems that these people believe everyone that believes in what they do are OK and those that don’t are Neanderthals let me put down my thoughts on Homosexuality
1) Is it a normal sexual act NO
2) Should it be banned NO what someone’s does in Private is their business
3) Should Homosexuals be victimised in the work place CERTAINLY NOT if they can do their job their sexuality should not be an issue but they should not get preferential treatment which they now getting
4) Have Homosexuals equal rights NO they have more rights then Heterosexual which is a disgrace, would I be allowed to have a Heterosexual sports Team NO, Would I be able to have a Heterosexual Pressure Group NO yet there are GAY football/Rugby Teams, they have a Gay Olympics, Gay Police group and so. What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander
5) Is a civil partnership right yes as along as applies to everyone not to those of a particular sexual orientation i.e. Homosexuals? If two men live together for a long period share everything etc if one dies then the other should have some legal rights because of their long term relationship but then so should brothers, sisters or Male and Female couple who have lived together in the same way but do not share any physical contact.
6) Should Homosexual be allowed to Marry Certainly NOT
7) Should Homosexual be allowed to adopt children NO children need to be brought up in a normal environment
So what do you think I am a hate filled Homophobic or am I Homo realist who doesn’t agree with everything but still believes in the Live and Let Live, hopefully I am the latter but then I am 60, married for 40 years have Children and Grandchildren and am a Christian in this day and age that must make me enemy No 1

Martin Clarke

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