Sunday, January 03, 2010

Illegal Immigrants-Quentin Crisp-Queer East Enders

I recently wrote an article which was sent to the Press which we now take for granted will not get printed about the Job situation and how foreigners are getting jobs that should go to Brits, now we find out that Government Departments including Councils, NHS Trusts (many of them in Kent) are employing illegal immigrants, God what has this country come to when tax payers money is used to keep British people out of work and give people who are hear illegally work? One further point if they are here illegally they will not have any social security number and will not be paying National Insurance contributions.

Over the Christmas you are inclined to watch programmes which would not dream of watching any other time one of this was about Quentin Crisp “Englishman in New York” this was a great pieced of TV. This was the second part of life Quentin shown on TV the “Naked Civil Servant” was the first shown over 20 years ago. Quentin was a flamboyant, camp Homosexual he was called himself “Britain’s stately Homo” he never hid what he was and way back in the early 60’s would be beaten up regularly for it, “Queer Bashing” was quite common then. No I have not suddenly turned into a cringing white liberal supporting the course of Homosexuals on then contrary, I still can not understand the need for same sex intercourse, I still find the act a perversion, I totally disagree with Same sex Marriage and most importantly I think it is an absolute disgrace that Homosexuals get preferential treatment in this country. Yet I can understand why people like Quentin Crisp were persecuted for what he was, this man had not hurt anyone even if you do not agree with his life style that is not a reason to stop it. In New York he found acceptance he was of many unusual people and flourish well giving shows until he upset the Pink Mafia because he would not fall in line with their Political Crusade, a Film worth watching.

I also caught the last part of East Enders a programme I despise it is the most depressing programme on the TV but with the wife watching this rubbish I was also forced to watch. For once the story line caught my attention it was again centred around Homosexuals, it seems TV is obsessed with sex especially Homosexual sex. The story line was a predator Homosexual had been chasing a Muslim guy whom he seduced on many occasions, making the latter admit he was Homosexual. Problem being was he was to marry and on the day of the wedding the first male meets the Muslim and tells him not to marry but be true to himself and come out. The Muslim replied it was not just about him it was about his religion, what he would do to his family, his future wife and any children he desperately needed. In these days of selfishness and everyone being encouraged to be self centred this was like a bout of fresh air, here was Young man putting himself after everyone else, realising that the universe is not centred on you as an individual it is about the group as a whole. Not many are like this in what I thought was a very Christian Act and by the looks of it a Muslim one as well.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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