Monday, January 04, 2010

Another Break-in at nobbysgym

Another break-in at Nobbys Gym

Yes another Break in by some half wits, why do I say half wits well all they stole was a set of 15 kilo Dumbbells. As some one who is well known in the town I will eventually find out who it was and they must know that. Now if I believe in an eye for eye philosophy one would wonder how long will it before they get good smack but NO I expect our marvellous Police Force sorry Police Service will catch them, pause for a minute as I saw a camel going through an eye of a needle and they will be punished with a jolly good bout of community service, So there is no need for retribution on my behalf.
What is most annoying the alarm goes of and our caring neighbours do not even report it so we are told? So now we have the expenses of linking our alarm to my telephone so when it goes of I can rush down the Gym and hopefully catch any future thieves and give them a very stern talking to

Martin Clarke Nobbys Gym

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