Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sign petition and letter from SAS hero


This is about the Islamic intention to carry empty coffins through Wooton Basset in protest at the respectful reception given to the bodies of our BRITISH HEROES.
It is from Robin Horsfall who was one of the SAS team that stormed the Iranian Embassy during the siege.If I was younger and fitter then I would certainly be there to display my disgust if this Islamic march is allowed to go ahead.
Please read the message and if you feel like then pass it on,and protest to your MP as I intend to.

The letter:
It's about time that we as British people who are grossly offended by this proposed march start to stand up for what we believe in instead of bashing our gums and whining on e mails. This march is designed to offend and create conflict. We need to organise in the same way and make it clear to the authorities that we as a nation will be prepared to confront this march legally or illegally to show the depth of our feeling. We must be prepared to use local machine operators to close access to the town on the day in question. Local farmers and construction workers need to be contacted. Local businesses should be encouraged to close to deny fuel and sustenance to "visitors". We must be prepared to block any agreed marching route with people and vehicles. We must show these offensive and provocative people that the sleeping lion that is British secular tolerance has had enough. Just as the scum of the BNP were not welcomed in Wooton Bassett so too should the scum who will travel from across the UK to create trouble falsely in the name of "Islam" be rejected. I for one will be prepared to confront this appalling insult to our troops who are of all faiths. I will stand in the middle of the road and I will resist any effort to move me. It would be a shame to do it alone. If the police and local authorities choose as they have done in the past to defend this type of provocation on the grounds of political correctness and do not want to offend a minority group of one other faith who support extremism then they (the authorities) need to know that there are consequences to offending us the majority, the British multi faith people who are proud of our freedoms and our troops. We too have the freedom to protest and to create disharmony and upset. We too have freedom of speech. We deserve to live in a country that holds these rights as fundemental freedoms. We don't want criminals marching on our streets and selling their extremist support of the enemies of all decent free thinking people. We don't want marches that support murder and oppression without expressing our right to express our disgust. If paedophiles marched under the banner of "freedom of speech" would that make it right? Why then can the support of terrorist murderers who have killed our troops be allowed under the same banner. So I challenge all of you to be there with me. No masks, no weapons and no shame, smartly dressed and wearing military regalia where appropriate. Just British bulldog spirit and pride in what we believe in. Good manners, tolerance, freedom of worship and speech, good government and the right to self defense. Don't let others do it for you. It's time to stop whining! Make your protest to your MP now and if he fails to put a stop to this vile affront to our dead and wounded soldiers then be there! Please forward this e mail on.
Robin Horsfall

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