Monday, August 09, 2010

50p on Credit Card

I recently travelled to Scotland whilst in the service area in Peterborough I queued up for a newspaper there was quite a delay as someone was paying by Credit Card as this foreign lady left I noticed all she had was a 50p pack of sweets which she paid for by Credit Card! This amazed me and I told this to my wife and she said in shops like the Aldi foreign workers would often pay for very small items by credit card, I would have thought the shops put a fee on people using a card on small amounts so it just doesn’t make sense.

I related this story to a friend of mine who works on a very big Farm in the Faversham area, he could not understand why this is the case because most of the immigrant labour are on good money especially this time of year, he explains that his farm is practically all fruit and the Summer is when all the immigrant pickers are on the farm. Most are on peace work earning £100 to £150 a day, some doing a seven day week the remainder are on basic wage and the fact they only pay £30 per week accommodations and are not here long enough to pay tax they are well of, I went on to say how many were working he replied in access of 500, I the asked the question how many were English his reply was NONE as his employer will not employer any British people.

So we have 500 plus jobs in Faversham being taken away from British Workers and no matter what the Coalition Government say they can not do a thing about it as the workers are all EU citizens and entitled to work here. Once again the European Union over rides the interest of the British People but then what do they care, come to that what do Farmers care as long as they get their massive profits and keep their snouts in the trough

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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