Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Government ignores us

It seems our New coalition Government is doing just what the Labour done ignoring Public Opinion and treating the Electorate as idiots two things I especially

1) 85% of the Public want the banning of the Burka and what do we get from Government ministers “it is Un British to make this illegal” what is Un British is ignoring the will of the people.

2) The same percentage is for the removal of the European Hum Rights Legislation from our Law. This is the legislation that allows killers and murdering terrorists to go free and give rights to Sobham Murderer to sue the government at our expense. This was a promise of the Conservatives to rid us of this unjust act but as a milk sop to the LibDems it was dropped. Why is it that LibDems are most interested in the rights of the criminal then they are the rights of the victim and law abiding citizen

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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