Saturday, August 21, 2010

Catholics and homosexual adoption

Catholic Care loses to Homosexuals

Roman Catholic ideology believe practising Homosexual acts is a sin but like most Christians they will forgive if they repent, that does not mean you stop being Homosexual you just stop practising Homosexual acts. No if you can not deal with or do not agree with it leave the Catholic Church.

Why I mention this is Catholic Care is an Adoption Agency that abides by the doctrine of the Catholic Church so they will not let Homosexuals adopt children one would have thought in a free country you would allowed to practise what you preach NO yet again the state steps in to stop freedom. Militant Homosexuals have used the Human Rights Act to enforce them, why should they do that when there are plenty of other agencies who will do this? Simple the very small homosexual community what to have inordinate power given to them and convince all of us their relationships are normal, most of us accept Homosexuals but most like me find the homosexual act abhorrent, most of us believe marriage should be between Man or Women. Yet we accept that a Civil Partnership is needed to protect a couple for legal reasons but why is a Civil Partnership just restricted to Homosexual and Lesbians?

It is not normal for two men to have children Nature and God makes reproduction of offspring the mating of Male and Female of the species. Also all surveys and enquiries have found that the best way to bring up children is in a Traditional Marriage, followed by a long term stable relationship between a man and women, the most difficult way to bring up a child is with a single parent so why with all this knowledge should we put children into this Homosexual experiment. Yes experiment because that what it is I dread to think what sate of mind the children will be in when they reach 16 but then again who cares as long as the militant Homosexuals get their way.

Well done the Catholic Church for sticking to their beliefs maybe the Church of England could learn that lesson to

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