Friday, August 20, 2010

Police time for change

Dear Editor

Last week in the EKG an article appeared titled “Policing changes Foolish” this is where Ann Barnes Chairman Kent Police Authority rejected the proposed changes to Policing by the present Government particular FBI Type National Crime Agency and elected Police Commissioner. Firstly surely it makes sense to have one overall body for the UK it works in the USA and they are bigger country then us and as some who suggested years ago having an elected Sheriff it is an obvious that we need elected Chief Constables. People like Ann Barnes prefer the status quo because they like their authority as do the Chief Constables.

Yet when it was reported recently that there is a “Caution Culture in the UK “ because Police are just trying to keep their arrest figures up for the benefit of impressing the Government and the people that they have a grip on crime which they do not have. 80% of the population believe that the system respects the rights of the accused rather then the victim. Senior Officers are more interested in promoting their own future and abiding by the Political Correct liberal softness.

The Police and the Judicial System are there to protect the people of this country something they are failing to do, with the country in such financial mess cuts have to be made by the Police but I hope the government does not allow each individual Police Chief Constable the responsibility of applying the cuts because they will cut the PC’s and PSO’s etc, the cuts should come from the top.

Here are a few ideas to save money cut ranks such Chief Inspector, Chief Superintendent, Assistant Chief Constable this was done many years ago and it was successful, cut chauffer driven cars for Senior Officers why can not a Chief Constable drive himself? Cut things that are not policing last year Kent Count Constabulary organised “Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual week “what has someone’s sexuality got to do with Police Work, stop all diversity courses recently on Sheppey officers had to go a two day diversity course instead of doing Policing, is their need for Police Magazine being sent to every household in Kent? Why not employ officers on their ability rather then their sex, sexual orientation or ethnicity, the cry from these people is the Police needs to represent society RUBBISH the Police are there to do a Job of work protecting the public and upholding the Law; this positive discrimination has led to a drop in the quality of Police Officers.

Here is a way to make money get Police vehicles to carry advertisement (monitored) get an outside organisation to print a Police Magazine which can be self financing by way of advertising, share Central Offices with the other emergency services.

The Public demand an effective Police Force that will cut crime and support victims of Crime it also needs a judicial system that deals with crime in a sensible manner and in some cases using Draconian way and stop talking about Human Rights and start talking about Human Responsibility

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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