Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Englishman are Lazy?

The Coalition Government have vowed to get Dole cheats back working and I totally agree with them, why should us tax payers pay for the lazy and feckless BUT there is a problem where do the Jobs come from? We have unemployment on the increase amongst British Subjects yet work for foreign workers and immigrants are on the increase. Our new Government have told us there will be a new beginning BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH WORKERS that what we were told and all the time they new they could not uphold this ideal Why?

1) EU Nationals are allowed to work here by Law something the last Government signed up for

2) Greedy Share holders and Company Directors and farmers are only interested in profit and do not care for their own Countryman

3) The Conservative Majority ii this government is being dominated by Libdem policies which exasperates the problem

4) Can I give a few example in the Swale area nearly all Fruit pickers are Foreign with one farmer in Faversham employing over 700 I would suggest there could be a couple of thousand in the area, many factories in the area employ foreign labour i.e. I am told 20% of the new Morrison’s Depot are Foreign Labour. I recently spoke to a chap who works for a major building company in London and is in charge of 700 men working on building sites and not one is English!

So why not employ the English first the normal excuse comes out “The English are lazy and have no pride in there work, will not work the hours etc” most of the Foreign workforce and Immigrant Labour will work 6 days a week 12 hours a day but then most of them do not have a family here and are here to work and earn as much money to send back to their own country, most do not stay here long enough to pay Tax or National Insurance and will live together sharing a house or caravan very admirable you may say but how can English live and work like that. He wants to be part of his family, he wants to see his children, he wants to have free time to enjoy and he will be paying mortgage or living in a house for one family, we are not living in the middle ages anymore “YOU WORK TO LIVE, NOT LIVE TO WORK” the latter was what was expected 200 years ago. As for pride in their work why have English craftsman been asked for all over the World, there is good and bad in all nationalities but if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

When I was growing up all we heard from the Unions was the need for a 40 hour week which I agreed with what’s happened to that? As for the Unions they are more interested in Politics and feathering their own nest why are there no Demos outside where all these places which employ mainly foreign labour that White Elephant the Olympic Games no shouting Scab or is that against the Human Rights.

One other reason given to me by the Construction industry is that we do not have enough Tradesman and you have to agree with them Governments over the last 20 years have concentrated on Academic Qualification getting as may youngsters into University and forgetting about the 60%, let bring back the old fashioned apprenticeship. All the time we have this coalition government nothing will happen with immigration, the human rights act and unemployment for the people who live in GB. How long before we have riots in the streets attacks on Immigrants who knows maybe never because I expect this Government will just keep on paying English to stay at home.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne


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