Sunday, December 19, 2010

100 Days

100 Day’s

100 days ago I saw an advert from something called the WELLNESS PRACTICE and SUBLXATION all about caring for your spine. They were giving advice at Brogdale Fruit Farm and it was free so what had I got to lose for in February 2009 I had a knee replacement and in March 2010 a Hip Replacement. My international Career in Judo, Sambo and Jiu Jitsu had taken its toll but with the new joints I was feeling in great shape but still felt stiff and immobile. At Brogdale I spoke to Dr Christian and his team and what they said seem to make sense and they offered me a free consultation which I accepted. Mind you the chat with the Wellness Team was free but by the time I had been around all the shops, had a coffee and something to eat at the restaurant, the day turned out pretty expensive.

So the following week Myself and my wife were at the Wellness clinic in Canterbury with a group of other people, I thought to myself Oh No not another get rich quick meeting but no what was said made good sense so I joined up. On my first visit I was photographed for my posture and X rayed this impressed me I have used countess Chiropractors and Osteopaths and none had gone these lengths and detail I was impressed, mind you I did not like what I saw I looked like the middle of one of those evolution of man charts .

The treatment started, of course I got the remarks he is a conman, quack, he is dangerous, he is not qualified. One intelligent man even suggested that I would be injured, for 40 years I had been an international competitor and I might add a successful one so I had some idea of what could work and what could not. Along with my subluxation I had some deep massage by BOOBOO that was painful but it worked my back, hips are freer now then they have ever been and now he is starting to work on my shoulders.

Today I had my 90 day check I was re photographed and X-rayed and I am pleased to say my posture has got a lot better so much so I have moved up considerably on the evolution chain, most important I can see it in the photo no trickery just fact. Do I feel better you bet not just through the subluxation but in some of the life style advice they give you. When you are dealing with holistic treatments you will always get the doubter s, the treatment is not free you have to pay but like most things in life if you think its worth while no problem. I can not speak for anyone else all I know what they doing at the Wellness Centre works for me

Martin Clarke

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