Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Advent

My mother was from Germany and every Sunday in Advent  we would light a candle sing some carols and have a nice meal. I kept that tradition up but it was not the same without my mother. This year we had a full Calender with only one Sunday being available and that was the 3rd Sunday of Advent 3 candles. On the 4th Sunday  I had hoped to be in Germany and  go to the Christmas Fair in Dortmund and meet a few relatives but the snow stopped that. Val and Myself invited the family around and we had them all there our Children (minus one), all our grandchildren plus John's Girlfriend Vicky was there with her three children and we had a great time eating drinking and singing Christmas carols badly.
What struck me was that most of the youngsters did not know some of the of Christmas carols, in fact my two grandsons did not really know much about the Nativity at all, when I asked didn't you do this at School they replied this year we have been studying Islam? I then asked did you have a nativity play first they asked what was that then it was no we had something better a Disco, it seems their school is ashamed of their Christan heritage. Yet my youngest Grandaughter goes to a Catholic School and she had all the traditional Christmas, she learnt about the true meaning of Christmas, she learnt new and old carols plus they had a Nativity play. Now can you guess what School I prefer?

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