Sunday, December 19, 2010

Someone agrees with me

Militants looking for trouble

Irish Republicans used to travel many miles to attend, and be offended by, the Orange Parade at Drumcree in Northern Ireland. When they got there, they would stand about for hours, making sure they were thoroughly upset by the ghastly sight of red-faced, middle-aged men hobbling by in bowler hats.

Is something similar now happening among the nation’s militant homosexuals?

I only ask because I really cannot see why a homosexual couple would have sought out Chymorvah, the seaside hotel currently being sued for its policy on allocating bedrooms. Has anyone asked this pair how often they stay in such establishments, or how they came to choose it?

I haven’t seen the answer if so.

It seems to me that the law on this subject is now being used as a sword for militants rather than as a shield for the wrongly persecuted

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