Thursday, December 02, 2010

Homo's make better parrents?

I had the following put on my facebook

Kalum Hughes It's actually been proven that children of gay couples are happier, and parenting is better because there is a much high level of consistency and consensus in terms of things such as discipline, and that parent child relationships are better than those of children in a traditional nuclear family. Plus gay couples have as much right for children as non gay couples, they give opportunities for orphaned children and other children

I have never heard so much rubbish in my life who says Homosexuals have all the qualities you say How can you prove as Homosexuals have only been allowed to adopt for a few years What rubbish and insulting words to normal parents that a Homosexuals parent child relationships is better where is your proof. In law they have the right yet a an normal married couple who Christian views on homosexuality are forbidden to adopt, a Normal married couple who wish to adopt a baby of a different ethnic group are in most cases forbidden

Wait till the children start school and they a hive to tell, friends about Daddy and Daddy children are more honest then adults let see how they get on

Marriage is the best environment to raise children and offers the greatest chance of a stable upbringing, an independent study reveals. The study was carried out by Harry Benson, who is director of the Bristol Community Family Trust, which carries out research into parenting and relationships

You are 18 and obviously been brain washed by the education system you’re in to believe Homosexuality is normal and they deserve more rights than normal heterosexuals. When you have had children start quoting to me the ridiculous insulting and disgusting comments

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