Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lanquage and Christmas

The wife recently had a letter from the NHS about a screening she is entitled to have on the back of this letter there was a translation in 12 different languages, yet this screening was for people over 60 so why aren't these people speaking ENGLISH that is after all the language we speak in ENGLAND. Can you imagine any other country saying well come to our country do not bother to learn our language take all our benefits because we will change everything to suit you. How long before our children are forced to learn one of these languages in school to accommodate these people.

I recently asked my two Grandsons what was the meaning of Christmas it took several attempts to get the answer "We are celebrating the birth of Christ our Saviour" The oldest retorted Yes but this year we are learning about Islam! he knew more about a foreign Religion then he did about Christianity the religion of his country, the religion which our Laws and Morality is based on. So how is to understand the history and culture of his country when he is not taught the basics

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