Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ian got it right

Dear Editor

I recently wrote an article with reference to the immigrant workers at Bobbing as expected it was not printed but I have said for the last couple of years that Immigrant workers are costing British workers jobs, newspaper like yourself have been ignoring me as some sort of Right Wing Nut Case but I have been proven right, see the article below

Iain Duncan Smith was RIGHT: Foreign workers took three in four new jobs in Britain in the last year

·  Number of foreign men and women in work soars by 334,000 to over 4million

·  British-born workers finding employment in same period rose by only 77,000

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I have said that British employers a moral duty to help re train people and employ people from the UK also they should consider the long time consequences. The more British you put on the Dole the higher those who work will have to be taxed and it will not be immigrant workers who will pay as they are on very low wages that is why they are employed and more of them are bringing over dependant who will also drain our benefit system dry. We will get to the point where the Income tax will be insufficient to cover the cost of benefit and then what ever government is in power will have to introduce an employment tax, where every employer will be taxed for employing someone. Do not say this will not happen it was tried in the 1960’s by a Labour government and called the Selective Employment Tax

Mr Duncan Smith's comments provoked a furious backlash from British business leaders who said that British youngsters were too lazy, ill-educated and lacking the work ethic to compete for jobs.

To some degree this may be true but do not try and tell me every youngster is like this because it is a lie, I work with young people and have done in my capacity as Judo/Sambo Coach for the last 40 years. Yes I will agree a lot of young people do not have the get up and go they had 20 years ago but that has been because the Liberal Elite of this country have introduced so much Political Correctness into not just our Schools but also our everyday life. Young People have a difficulty deciding what is wrong and what is right because the rules of society invented by the PC brigade do not seem to have any boundaries, they taught that they as an individual become before the group. How many times do you hear the phrase I HAVE RIGHTS very rarely do you hear I HAVE RESPONSILITIES I could go on.

So if this the case why are the employers not getting involved with trying to change attitudes, why not get involved in Local and national Politics and get rid of some of these career Politicians who have no concept of real life or start lobbying MP’s etc You employers have much more power than an Individual like myself your voice will be heard. So stop thinking about just your profit margin start thinking about your fellow country man

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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