Sunday, July 24, 2011

Move to a Flat you can afford

This appeared in the Mail below is a reply to the article

My neighbour (an Englishman) suffers from a severe speech impediment and cannot find work. He gets £91 a week incapacity benefit out of which he has to pay a £22pw towards his rent because in HIS case Housing Benefit does not cover the £240+ pw rent that he has to pay to the "private landlord" of his one bedroom ex local authority flat. I don't know where everybody is getting these £500 a week figures from but I can assure you that a "single person living either on JSA or IB" has it pretty bad and their benefits payments are in no way tantamount to earning £25,000pa. So all of you out there who think that the unemployed are living the live of Riley you are well and truly misguided and misinformed.

This chap is unable to get a job so why is he in a Flat costing the Council Tax payer £240 a week, he should be moved to cheaper accommodation. Why does he need to live in London I have a flat available end of August at £110 a week and Sittingbourne is only 1 hour from London

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