Monday, July 04, 2011

Cotswold Caravanning

Caravan trip to Slimbridge Cotswold weekend July 1st 2011

This time we had good weather for the full 4 days and stayed at the Tudor Park here is there bumf and came up to everything that was said of it. Those who can remember Peter West will know he found the Westlands trust about 60 years ago we visited this place and went on one of those Land Rover excursions it was great.

Tudor Caravan Park is one of the best located caravan & campsites in Gloucestershire.

A quiet country caravan site right alongside the Gloucester-Sharpness canal,

an easy 5 minute walk from the world famous Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre at Slimbridge.

Sitting by the Canal was also enjoyable watching the Narrow Boats go by drinking a nice cold Beer brilliant, there is so much to see in the Cotswolds, we travelled to Cirencester to look round this unique place then on the Cotswold Wild Life Park and back through the countryside seeing some amazing villages, streams, rivers churches etc I can recommend this part of the World to anyone.

The start of the trip nearly never happened I hooked on the caravan began to pull out with the Wheel clamp still connected, with it jammed up the wheel arch I thought I would have to go back and get a hack saw as you can imagine my patience was sorely worn (or as Valerie’s says I lost my temper) luckily enough I found a friend Mr Hammer so much for £50 worth Wheel security it took just 10 minutes to knock it off.

I recently purchased a new vehicle it is a Volkswagen Caravelle 5 year old a beautiful 7 seated MPV with seat you can turn and have a the table in the middle, you can remove them all together. The most expensive luxury I have ever purchased, normally I plough money back into my business or into the IBF and Sambo but at 61 I thought NO this time I will buy something just for me and the wife, something the two of us can enjoy. This is a marvellous vehicle, automatic, pulls and drives like a dream, has a TV in the back (have not found out how to work that yet) and lots of other gizmo’s. On the way back the tank was on red I thought I could make it to the Detling Service Station, the VW had other ideas as we came of the M20 it slowed down to 25 mph no matter what I done it would not go faster as we approached Detling hill it got slower (Then I got “I told you to fill up at the last service station, but you always know better”) we crawled up the Hill in 1st at 5 mph at the top it picked up to 25 mph getting to the fuel station, I filled up and we went as per normal. This VW is not a vehicle it is ROBOT it can think for me, some may say that is not such a bad thing; I will never say a bad thing about VW again. Well not in ear shot as it may hear me.

Once again I will tell anyone to try caravanning it is great and cheap, I have include some photo’s for those of you who are bored

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