Thursday, February 05, 2015

Labour want children from the age of 5 to be taught Gay Sex

Below are two article from the DM about young girls being treated as sex slaves by Moslem men, straight away you get comments about this type of activity being not just restricted to the Moslem community which is true. Yet the truth of the matter is that the majority of girls being treated as sex slaves are by Moslem men and many of them in positions of power including local government and police force so lets no stop making excuses for these perverts and start realising the Islamic Faith has something seriously wrong and Pakistani men treat women as objects for their own desire no matter how young they are. Isn’t it about time someone in Government started to say that if you are Muslim and you do not want abide by our laws and customs then move to a Muslim County because you are not welcome here. For those that want to remain they must treat women better and should be made to wear Western Clothes rather the cloths of the 12-century which personifies the subjugation of women

hen we have the Labour promise that if they get into power they will expect children as young as 5 to have sex lessons especially about Gay Sex/ Why because they say Homophobia bullying is rife with young children. WHAT RUBBISH. How many children at the age of 5 know about sex full stop let alone abnormal sexual acts like Gay sex. Why should the state be involved in teaching sex education? I am told you can, as a parent insist your child is not taught about sex until the age of 11 years, i.e. when they went to secondary school, that is when I was taught back in 1961 admittedly we were only taught the basics because the only relationships that were common was a Married Couple and children had a Mum and Dad. By the end of the 1960’s we had the permissive society and as the years went by more and more government legislation mainly Labour, came into force that every sort of sexual perversion was allowed and in some cases encouraged. Some current Labours MP’s were involved with an organisation call PIE where they wanted to lower the age of sex to 12 years of age. Because of all this we have a low set of morals, Children being being pregnant is common, mothers with children of multiple fathers common , VD at highest levels ever, all because some Politicians and PC brigade want to justify their own actions

Children being taught sex at 5 years of age is nothing more then a form of GROOMING and you must have doubt why some of these MP’s and the PC brigade want this type of legislation have they an ulterior motive, maybe should look more closely at their own sexual appetite? Interesting enough the sex slave cases where Muslim men are abusing young girls is mainly in Labour controlled areas WHY? As I have said on countless occasions Gays only represent 1.6% of the population so why are we given them so much power? Also I wonder how many Gay people actually agree with all this Gay Propaganda? It not doing them any favours as more and more people are fed up with the promotion of the Gay Life Style  and as such there is an ever increasing back lash against the Gay Community

How I was branded racist for exposing the truth: SUE REID reveals how she was accused of 'making it up' after warning of young girls being traded as sex slaves in provincial towns
·       Sue Reid warned of girls being traded as sex slaves in provincial towns
·       Said she was accused by social workers, police and councillors of lying
·       New report says Rotherham council remains in denial over the sex abuse

STEPHEN GLOVER: Yes, I abhor homophobia. But teaching five-year-olds about gay sex is frankly sheer lunacy

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