Saturday, February 07, 2015

USA the Bully

It has been reported that the USA will supply arms to Ukraine and accuse Russia of bullying. Yet before the EU, USA and UK orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected Government in Ukraine with a leader who was a head of a Fascist mob, Ukraine was one Country with no war.  Why did this happen because the EU wanted Ukraine as part of the EU and USA wanted them part of NAT Because the Democratic Government did not want this, civil unrest was orchestrated and the litigate Government were forced out of office in fear of their lives .

So the EU, UK, USA and the Fascist leader won and the first thing this government done was to turn on the ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. Thankfully Russia wanted to protect its people, Crimea was given the vote to leave Ukraine, which they did, and peace remains in that new Country.  The ethnic Russians who were in the East wanted the same chance to determine their destiny.

This did not fit well with the EU, USA, UK and Fascist Government and the war started. Much to the dismay of those outside of Eastern Ukrainian the Ethnic Russians did not give into what was looking like ethnic cleansing and so the war continues. Remember it is the Ukrainian Government that is shelling the ethnic Russians and what does Obama want? A bigger War, he wants to support the Ukrainian Government with US weaponry so they can kill more Soldiers and Civilians. Will the Russians take this lying down? Of course not they will fight back tooth and nail and put us on the brink of a World War of course Obama will not care as the USA is well away from Europe

Obama needs to keep out of other countries affairs especially when it does not affect the people of the USA. The way forward is to give the people of Ukraine the right to decide their own future. Let them have a vote with the following questions

1)   Do I want to remain part of Ukraine
2)   Do I want to form my own country

If we in the UK can have a vote on Scottish Independence without a war why cannot Ukraine do the same thing?

OBAMA-CAMERON-MERKEL  mind your own business and do not force us into WW3 which no one can win

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