Sunday, February 22, 2015

What are the Polls

Ireland is to have a referendum on Gay Marriage and the Polls suggest that 70% will vote in favour this is roughly what polls are telling us in GB. Yet two questions?
1)   Why were the British never allowed a referendum Not only were they not allowed a referendum NO political party even mentioned it in their manifesto!
2)   I had a look at these so-called polls and it turns out that they use approx. 1200 people views. Now how can that be a genuine poll? 
3)   Who do they poll I would suggest if they went to Brighton the Gay Capital of the UK they would get a high proportion in favour of Gay Marriage
4)   If you look at the rhetoric used by those favouring Gay Marriage it is a threat that if you vote against then you are not modern and will not be accepted in the Modern World
5)   It obviously to late to do anything about in this country but just watch out what theses so called Liberal Moderniser will want next

The Political Elite and the Liberal Modernising no longer cater for the majority, they cater for active powerful minority groups, which there are many. When you look at the next election manifestos of the various parties ask how you the majority are catered for .If we get a Coalition the minority groups with their views will have the balance of powers. Let me predict two things if we get a Coalition government many so called recreation drugs  will be legalised and the age of consent will be lowered to 14 or even 12

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